The Intersect Project Podcast

Below you will find all of The Intersect Project Podcast. Each time a podcast is released, you can find it here. This is specifically for the people, who don’t have Itunes. It’s Chuckaholic’s way in helping promote The Intersect Project.

Chuck Season One DVD Cover

Season One

Click for Season 2

Chuck vs the Pilot

Chuck vs The Helicopter 

Chuck Vs The Tango

Chuck Vs The Wookie

Chuck Vs The Sizzling Shrimp

Chuck vs The Sandworm

Chuck Vs The Alma Mater

 Chuck vs The Truth

Chuck vs The Imported Hard Salami

Chuck vs The Nemesis

Chuck vs The Crown Vic

Chuck vs The Undercover Lover

 Chuck vs The Marlin

Season Two

Chuck season 2 dvd cover

Chuck vs The First Date

Chuck vs The Seduction

Chuck vs The Break Up

Chuck vs Cougars

Chuck vs Tom Sawyer

Chuck vs The Ex

Chuck vs The Fat Lady 

Chuck vs The Gravitron

Chuck vs The Sensei 

Chuck vs The DeLorean

Chuck vs The Santa Claus

Chuck vs The Third Dimension

Chuck vs The Suburbs 

Chuck vs The Best Friend

Chuck vs The Beefcake

Chuck vs The Lethal Weapon

Chuck vs The Predator

Chuck vs The Dream Job

Chuck vs The First Kill


  1. I am catching up on the podcast, but at the end of Episode Two I think you asked for stories about how we came to watch the show and such.
    Well, I picked up the show on Hulu in Season Two and just loved it, as everyone here does.
    But my story has a slight bit of undercover work. While the show was airing I worked at a small town newspaper where I would design a couple pages, one being the arts and entertainment section. Well, I was able to pick a couple shows through the week to highlight as shows to watch. WELL, of course I would always chose Chuck to be highlighted because the show was awesome.
    So every Monday morning when the 20,000 readers of the newspaper would turn to page 4, they were told to watch Chuck.
    I did what I could.
    Cheers and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks Eric for the response and for listening to the podcast. Also you were fighting the good fight trying to get Chuck out there for more people. To that I salute and applaud you!

    • Yes! I’m incredibly sorry about the hiatus, I’m trying to figure out financials for the podcast to make it even better! But yes I plan on an episode for every Chuck episode, and it’ll start up again soon!

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